Monday, October 11, 2021

Medical Art


In the book, The Breath of Life and The Flame Divine ( 1957) Hilton Hotema wrote about medical art.

The medical art is one of the biggest frauds on Earth. Its History of fatal errors and its path is strewn with the noses of its trustful victims. It kills and cripples many but cures none. It is nothing but voodooism of the savage modernized bu chicanery, animated by trickery and perpetuated by dishonesty. It should be outlawed as a positive menace to mankind.

The body can make no use of medicines, remedies, drugs, vaccines, serums, and all other poisons used by the medical art. These poisonous cripple and kill many but cure none.

The body manufactures its products and can use no other This law of the living body is in force at all times and is never nullified nor modified by its aliments. The body in all conditions remains always subject to the same immutable law.

No system of treating the sick has ever grown so fast against strong medical opposition as Chiropractic has. The reason is that recognizes Life as a power distinct from the body.

Chiropractic succeeds because it deals with the nerve system of this Astral body the Flame divine.

Medical art fails because it deals with tricky unreliable changeable symptoms, and changes treatment as symptoms change. A hot or miss method, based on observation, speculation, conjecture. It has no law nor principle.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Life and Cosmic Radiation

Fire is the most ancient symbol of Life and the greatest of all purifying agencies.

According to the ancient Astrology "the entire universe is Fire in the process ofof transformation. "

Clements of Alexandria said "Fire from the Sun  is first changing to air, the to moisture, and from this came the earth also all things on it.

Cosmic Radiation was named by the ancients  Astral Ray's and it was the fundation of their science if Astrology.

Cosmic Radiation strikes the Earth in large quantities. Every second it breaks up 20 atoms in every cubic inch of our atmosphere and.mimlions of atoms in our bodies and we know not of what this psychological affects may be.

Cosmicnrays contact the earth's magnetic field (aura) as electrons of more than 10 million volts, and oenetrate more thN 700 feet into the Earth's crust. Some assert that certain rays pass entirely thru the earth.

We hardly know anything about the effects of Cosmic Radiation on human beings

George Lakhovaky French sxientist I  his book "Secrets of Life" he dealt with the effects of the Astral Rays upon the body's cells and tissues.

Lakhovsky showed that

1.the body cell is composed of nucleus containing chromosomes surrounded by cytoplasm and a cell wall.

2. Chromosomes are composed of insulating material lipods, filled with conducting fluid of a certain chemical.cimpisition.

3.this organization forms an oscillating circuit if excessively small wave length  arable of self inductuon and capable to  irate at terrific speed, equivalent to that of Asfral Rays.

4. Body cells are bipolar mechanisms.

5 Chromosomes are tiny antennas that pick up or receive astral radiation and convert it into Vito electric currents under the Asfrological Law if Animation, thus formating a Law of Psychology, Biology and Physiology.

6. And that is the secret ofcelular activity not the chemical changes occuring in the body cells as science erroneously claims.

7.Astral Rays occuring through the nerves as electricity flows through vires produce the organization called Life which makes Life a priduxt not a principle.

Extracts from the book: "The Breath of Life and the Flame Divine (1957)" by Hilton Hotema

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Children and Drugs.

Mass drugging of our nation's children has gone too long far.
Why isn't the mainstream Media giving this a front page coverage? Why aren't lawmakers demanding an end to chemical.a use of our children? Why isn't the FDA halting these trials on todlers out of plain decency?

You already know the answer. Because they're all making g money from this chemical.assault on our nation's children.

The doctors hospitals, drug companies, psychiatrists and mainstream media all profit handsomely from the sales of mind altering drugs to children.

Ethics will never get in the way of old fashioned greed.

Such drugging of future generations also advances the globalists' goal of societal control.

Children should be given more sunshine, playtime and access to nature rather than drugs. Thus is the historical proven common sense approach to producing balanced healthy children.

But psychiatry has no.commin sense. And no one in the industry dares mention than most called.mental disorders are really just caused by nutritional imbalances.

There is no scientific means to confirm bipolar disorder.

Selection from Population Control How Corporate Owners are Killing Us by Jim Marrs

Saturday, September 11, 2021


I finished the Divine Life by Hilton Hotema. The influence of Val Thor is all over the book. The ideas of immortality, the body is only 7 years old, fasting as a necessity for maintaining youthful appearance, food should be fresh fruits and vegetables and elimination of meat from diet, examples.of people that lived long as told by the Bible and real life at the beginning of the last century. Interesting concepts of how the  cell comes into materiality from immaterial "dust". 
The book talk about the divine intelligence, the divine life about universal laws such as the Law of Economy, the Law of Life. Also some statements are extremely interesting such as : 1. The failure of people to think keeps them slave to their leaders and rulers.
2. The Veil of mysticism in which religion is hidden runs back to the dawn of the race .
3. How to care for the body is the first lesson of life. To neglect that duty is to commit the greatest crime against the Creator. 
4. You are divine life flowing through your body.
5. Soul, Spirit, Life, God are interchangeable terms.
6. Today innocent men and women are sent to prison because they oppose vaccination and inoculation.  (The book was written in 1963).
7. The iron hand of medical tyrany is slowly closing on the throat of Civilization. 
8. Soul is individualized spirit if divine life.
9. When men cast of the teachings that worship the shadow and lift the Veil that hides the light they will find the Truth and then complexity and mystery will yeld to unity and simplicity. 

Exceptional book. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Earth Peace

People could amalgamate and act in unison instead of constantly warring upon each other and then you'll find earth worth living upon.

The deserts and plains could be transformed into gardens that would be like heavens.

The substance and effort and life spent each year on wars would bring an abundance of water in the deserts if not from the poluted rivers from the atmosphere itself or from the distant oceans.

These things can be done. And you'd have a very oaradise in which to build your homes and rear your children and see your sons bloom into manhood in peace without the mugging horror and fear of bloody death and maimed and crazed young bodies.

The Authir Truman Berthurum was born in 1898 in California and died in 1869. 
During his life he was one of the most celebrated contactees.  This book was printed se eral times and was translated in several languages.

In June 1952 he was working on the Gaviota Highway Tunel project in Santa Barbara when he received a call asking him to work for his old boss Whitey Edward's then in charge of roadbuilding project Mormon Mesa near Las Vegas.

Soon after moving to Las Vegas in July he had his first UFO experience at 3:3o in the morning.. he was awaken by voices of 8 spacemans and an egg shaped craft resting on the ground about 15 feet away. 

He was introduced to Ms Aura Rhanes or Aurora Thor that is the daughter of Valiant Thor.

"Aboard a flying Saucer" by Truman Bethurum

Monday, November 4, 2019

Psychic Ocean

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


  • When you think you are asleep the real part of you is going anywhere it wants to go having all types of adventures. while alive you are always connected by the silver cord, which does not sever until the death of the physical body.
  • The hardest thing that we have to learn is responsibility. We are responsible for our own spark our own augmenting of this God source.
  • The subconscious the higher self the oversoul is so big that has the answers to everything.
  • Sometimes after NDE the consciousness do not comes fully back in for 36 months.
  • What is multi-diensional. Multi-diemensional is a being who is aware of all of its life tiems at the same time; past present and future One being can be many beings at the same time. we are all that only we are not aware of our multi-dimensionality.
  • You could have many lifetimes all interacting with the you that exist now.
  • You can be in many places doing many things all at the same time. It is not a linear space.
  • There are many species of entities in the universe.  And the different species learn form each other.
  • There is more to life that was before your face.
  • We need to stay on vertical path. Material things don't matter. That is not reality. The reality is what counts.
  • The additive in our food the pollutants in our atmosphere, the drugs (recreational or medicinal) alcohol changes the chemistry of the brain.
  • Each person can rewire themselves. rewire their neurological system.
 from The Three Wavew of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon