Sunday, August 16, 2020

Earth Peace

People could amalgamate and act in unison instead of constantly warring upon each other and then you'll find earth worth living upon.

The deserts and plains could be transformed into gardens that would be like heavens.

The substance and effort and life spent each year on wars would bring an abundance of water in the deserts if not from the poluted rivers from the atmosphere itself or from the distant oceans.

These things can be done. And you'd have a very oaradise in which to build your homes and rear your children and see your sons bloom into manhood in peace without the mugging horror and fear of bloody death and maimed and crazed young bodies.

The Authir Truman Berthurum was born in 1898 in California and died in 1869. 
During his life he was one of the most celebrated contactees.  This book was printed se eral times and was translated in several languages.

In June 1952 he was working on the Gaviota Highway Tunel project in Santa Barbara when he received a call asking him to work for his old boss Whitey Edward's then in charge of roadbuilding project Mormon Mesa near Las Vegas.

Soon after moving to Las Vegas in July he had his first UFO experience at 3:3o in the morning.. he was awaken by voices of 8 spacemans and an egg shaped craft resting on the ground about 15 feet away. 

He was introduced to Ms Aura Rhanes or Aurora Thor that is the daughter of Valiant Thor.

"Aboard a flying Saucer" by Truman Bethurum

Monday, November 4, 2019

Psychic Ocean

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


  • When you think you are asleep the real part of you is going anywhere it wants to go having all types of adventures. while alive you are always connected by the silver cord, which does not sever until the death of the physical body.
  • The hardest thing that we have to learn is responsibility. We are responsible for our own spark our own augmenting of this God source.
  • The subconscious the higher self the oversoul is so big that has the answers to everything.
  • Sometimes after NDE the consciousness do not comes fully back in for 36 months.
  • What is multi-diensional. Multi-diemensional is a being who is aware of all of its life tiems at the same time; past present and future One being can be many beings at the same time. we are all that only we are not aware of our multi-dimensionality.
  • You could have many lifetimes all interacting with the you that exist now.
  • You can be in many places doing many things all at the same time. It is not a linear space.
  • There are many species of entities in the universe.  And the different species learn form each other.
  • There is more to life that was before your face.
  • We need to stay on vertical path. Material things don't matter. That is not reality. The reality is what counts.
  • The additive in our food the pollutants in our atmosphere, the drugs (recreational or medicinal) alcohol changes the chemistry of the brain.
  • Each person can rewire themselves. rewire their neurological system.
 from The Three Wavew of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon